Our current programme of events


April 12 Bring & Buy Sale

Sell your unwanted props, books, gimmicks. 10% to the Circle. Then, in Part 2 of the evening, members demonstrate ways to perform with your purchases.

May 11 Necromancy with Numbers.

Card tricks involving counting, or magic with calculators, calendars, dice, watches, matches, coins, or think-of-a-number.

June 14 Prestidigitation with Patter.

Any trick that has a story to go with it .

July 12 Conjuring with Containers.

Magic with a wallet, bottle, die box, card box, matchbox, or a production from a hat, lemon, mouth, shoe, or wallet.

August 9 Rings and Strings.

Magic with linking rings, finger rings, cut & restored string, equal-unequal strings, rope & ring, gipsy thread.

September 13 Spherical Sorcery.

Magic with billiard balls, egg bag, Stodare egg, Stirling egg, beads, sponge balls, floating ball, chop cup, cups & balls.

October 11 Close-up Competition.

Maximum time | ? 8 | mins. Winner receives a small prize | ? £5 | ? funded by PMC | to spend at Malcolm’s Magic Emporium (other shops available) .

November 8 Card Conjuring.

Magic with playing cards, business cards, giant cards, svengali, R&S, packet tricks .

December 13 Wizardry with Words & Writing.

Magic with signed cards, predictions, mentalism, book tests.



January 10 Sleights & Flourishes.

Teach one or more volunteers a useful sleight – or a spectacular flourish – with cards, coins, or some other prop.

February 14 ………………………………………….

Left blank: to swap with a possible earlier lecture.

March 14 AGM.